Game of Thrones' Season Finale Won't Slow Down the Pace, People Will Die

Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Won’t Slow Down the Pace, People Will Die

HBO may not release the official synopsis of “Game of Thrones” season 6 finale, but we’ve now got hints at what to expect from the upcoming episode. The stars of the hit HBO series, including Liam Cunningham and Kristofer Hivju, have described the final episode. 
Cunningham who plays Davos Seaworth keeps his lips sealed to avoid sharing any spoiler, but he hints that it won’t be less intense than episode nine that featured “Battle of the Bastards”. He explains, “For a couple of seasons, we’ve built up to episode nine. We have this huge episode nine, and then going into episode 10, we see where we are for the season, and we start setting up the next season. It’s going to be a little bit different this time. You can certainly say there are going to be some surprises in the next episode.” 
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