Optimus Prime Fights New Villains in 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Poster
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Optimus Prime Fights New Villains in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Poster

In the fifth “Transformers” film, Optimus Prime finds his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet. Thinking that he’s responsible for its demise, he finds a way to bring the planet back to life. However, in order to do so he needs to find an artifact on Earth. 
Mark Wahlberg returns as the main hero, Josh Duhamel is set to reprise his role as Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox, Tyrese Gibson also returns to play Richard Epps and Peter Cullen once again lends his voice to Optimus Prime. The flick also stars Isabela Moner, Anthony Hopkins, Jerrod Carmichael and Santiago Cabrera. 

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