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‘IF HE DIES, HE DIES’ Rick Ross’ fans furious at 50 Cent.

RAPPER 50 Cent has been slammed for mocking sick hip hop rival Rick Ross with a cruel Rocky meme.

Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson, posted an Instagram pic of Rocky IV character Ivan Drago at the point he famously utters “if he dies, he dies” after beating to death Apollo Creed.

50 Cent was slammed for appearing to mock ill hip hop rival Rick Ross on Instagram

Fans were quick to perceive it as a thinly veiled potshot at Ross who was rushed to hospital last night with suspected pneumonia.

The pair have a fierce rivalry and have swapped barbs in public and on diss tracks.

An ongoing spat has included cartoons, alleged sex tape leaks and law suits.

Even 50 Cent’s own fans hit back at the In Da Club rapper.

One posted: “That’s f***** up , mean and hateful.”

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