Has The ‘PODIUM’ Disbanded??
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Has The ‘PODIUM’ Disbanded??

According to one Suudiman, news came in yesterday evening the the Podium master has fired all the participants. Suudiman praised Allah for granting his wish.

Mr. Bryan White’s ‘PODIUM’ No More

A reliable source informs me that Bryan White has fired all artistes artistes from his BYRAN WHITE FOUNDATION. The podium master has ordered them to hand over IDs and uniforms with immediate effect. I am however not sure if its me hitting at him or he has run broke..oba omugaga sente zimuweddeko! Namukubanyo

it was so viral that even those in North Korea babitegela. Personally, I am glad he has closed the podium because in my view, it has been rendering our musicians idle. Thanks to Allah for this making this happen. He had turned our musicians into school kids if sorts with these uniforms and IDs around their neck. I take this opportunity for express my unconditional love to all media houses that showed support in this cause by making this ‘PODIUM’ circus viral. I urge these musicians to embrace this as a blessing and get back in studio and do what they do best, make music instead following around this White man. As a stake holder in this entertainment industry, I ask these musicians not let such people make them lose focus. Worry not, we need to work together as a family for the betterment of the industry. To Alex Muhangi, you will still live even without Bryan White’s ‘bread’ since you said he is the one who has been putting food on your table. Please call me in case you are about to sleep on an empty stomach. Mr. Bryan White, please take your podium back to Italy or wherever it is you came from.

Thank you Allah.


Bryan White

Arijuwa Khamis SeifAli Sena

Dixon Bond Okello

NTV Uganda

Balaam Barugahara

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Faisal BK

Has The ‘PODIUM’ Disbanded??

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