Is Bebecool and Apass best friends now?
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Is Bebecool and Apass best friends now?

After along rift between these two musicians, it seems like these artists are now spending more time appreciating each other yet this was not the case in the previous years
At first when Apass was still struggling to join the circle of big musicians in Uganda, Bebecool was his friend and Apass also wrote some songs for him like African girl among others.

The rift came when Apass started attacking Bebecool that the only thing he can do perfectly is to take care of his wife. “Ugandan’s can help and listen to bebe’s music however bad it is, so let him sell on the local market and leave for international market for me for am the only musician who can go international” Apass said.
Bebecool wasn’t happy about Apass’s statements on social media and from then, these two musicians have always find reasons to attack each other in every way possible.

Surprisingly, earlier this week when Apass released his song Di da da da, Bebecool was the first person to buy an original copy of the song. And yesterday when Bebecool released his latest song want it Apass recorded himself singing and appreciating how good the song was.
Is Bebe cool and Apass friends now, or they are trying to attract public attention?

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