‘All Musicians Except Bobi Wine Are Fools’ A Pass
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‘All Musicians Except Bobi Wine Are Fools’ A Pass

Singer Apass is well known for attacking fellow musicians. He has attacked and insulted almost every musician.

While appearing on a local TV station for an interview, Apass accused fellow artistes for being hypocrites before labelling them fools for allegedly giving the recently introduced OTT tax a deaf ear.

Apass also accuses artistes of not using their power and influence to be the voice of the voiceless.

“We have the power and the voice to stop this exploitation by the government but most artistes pretend like everything is ok. It is only I and Bobiwine, who took an initiative to strongly oppose and talk for the oppressed common person. Actually, all  artistes except Bobi wine are fools because they are useless to the common person. In our WhatsApp forum as entertainers, we planned a demostration against this OTT tax but I was suprised that I was talking to only Bobi Wine in a group of more than 150 people. These guys did not appear anywhere on the day of demonstration. They have never shared anything against OTT tax on their social media platforms,” the “Dididada” hit maker lamented.

However, some of the entertainers that were attacked by Apass have labelled him a joke and noise maker.

Its remembered that Apass and Bobi Wine plus other media personalities actively took part in OTT tax demostration in the city centre a few weeks ago.

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