P. Diddy Publicly Declares Cassie Is 'Lady in My Life' After Split

P. Diddy Publicly Declares Cassie Is ‘Lady in My Life’ After Split

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Someone is regretting his decision! Not long after his split from Cassie Ventura a.k.a. Cassie, Sean “Diddy” Combs a.k.a. P. Diddy takes to his Instagram to publicly declare that the singer still has a place in his heart.
The 48-year-old hip-hop mogul, who is reportedly dating model Jocelyn Chew, posts a screenshot, showing that he’s listening to Michael Jackson’s “The Lady in My Life”. “If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! LOVE,” he writes on the caption.
It’s surprising to see him professing his love in the most public way possible. But it seems like he would do anything to win back Cassie, whom he dated on-and-off for 10 years.

Previous report suggested that the “Long Way To Go” singer didn’t take the separation well as she was left feeling angry and “played” after dedicating over 11 years of her life to him, only to be allegedly cheated on at the end.
“Cassie is definitely stinging, all of her friends warned her that Sean was a player but she wouldn’t listen,” a source close to the 32-year-old singer revealed. “She fell for all of his promises and she can’t help feeling played.”

The source continued, “Cassie gave over eleven years of her life to Sean, and she believed him when he said he had changed and that he was ready to settle down with her and finally get married, but clearly he wasn’t.”

Rumors of P. Diddy moving on just fine with 26-year-old model Jocelyn Chew just makes everything worse. “Cassie’s emotions are all the place right now, one minute she’s angry, the next minute she’s heartbroken. She’s an emotional wreck truth be told, and she doesn’t trust herself what to feel, or how to be right now,” shared the insider.

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